Bodmin Amateur Boxing Club

Welcome to Bodmin Amateur Boxing Club

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We are proud to have a Boxing team full of champions.

  • Mark Meadon: Western Countys Champion.
  • Jassica Dorson: Western Countys Champion.
  • Dean Thomas: Western Countys Champion.
  • Ryan Hoar: Western Countys Champion - Ryan also Boxed for Great Britain and won a sliver medal.
  • Danny Thomas: Western Countys Champion.
  • Gary Bunt: Western Countys Champion - Also Bodmin's best Boxer of the year.
  • Jenny Elwood: Western Countys Champion.
  • Cory Miller: Western Countys Champion.

We now have a second floor which has enough space for two full size training rings.
All of our bags have been replaced and are suspended under the new floor.
  • Speed bags.
  • Teardrop Bags.
  • Uppercut bags.
    17/02/2018: Jess Dorson wins Boxing Nationals

    Congratulations to Jess Dorson for her boxing win in the 54kg Weight Class held in Doncaster Dome after competing in the finals just the day before, Jess is now Englands boxing national youth cadet champion!

    In June 2017 Jess also won the Gold Hull Box Cup at an International competition in Hull, she was also a finalist for the NABGC in December.